Career gallery


A selection of images that reflects my long and varied marine career.

Norwegian Construction Vessel M/V North Sea Giant- 2019

M/V North Sea Giant                                                     ©

M/V North Sea Giant                                                     © Rovarch

 Supporter Class WROV                                                    © Rovarch

Deep Ocean Saab Seaowl inspection ROV spread                          © Rovarch

ROV launch stbd side hanger                                        © Rovarch

 Me in the Deep Ocean ROV control Room               © Rovarch

Deep Ocean Saab Seaowl inspection ROV                           © Rovarch 

Aft deck equipment                                                         © Rovarch

 Salvage equipment on aft deck                                                        © Rovarch

Norwegian Multi-Purpose ROV Support Vessel MPS/V Topaz Tiamet - 2019

MPS/V Topaz Tiamet                                                      © Nathan Boyle

MPS/V Topaz Tiamet                                                          © Rovarch

ROV Control Room                                                                        © Rovarch

KYST Design Supporter 21 WROV  © Rovarch

Salvage equipment deck layout                                                 © Rovarch

Night time salvage shear launch                                © Rovarch

Norwegian IMR + Light Construction Vessel M/V Larissa - 2018

M/V Larissa                                           ©

M/V Larissa                                              © Rovarch

ROV Control Room                                                                                    © Rovarch

Neptune Work Class ROV                            © Rovarch

Larissa salvage equipment layout                                                 © Rovarch

85 ton salvage grab                                                  © Rovarch

Offshore Construction Vessel M/V Deepsea Worker - 2018

M/V Deepsea Worker                                                                      © Rovarch

Triton XL Work Class ROV               © Rovarch

Norwegian ROV Survey Vessel M/V Edda Fonn - 2018

M/V Edda Fonn                                                   © Rovarch

M/V Edda Fonn                                                   © Rovarch

Reach Subsea Work Class ROV                                                  © Rovarch

Reach Subsea Work Class ROV                                  © Rovarch

Norwegian Light Construction ROV Support Vessel M/V Olympic Challenger - 2017

M/V Olympic Challeneger                                               © Rovarch

Oceaneering Millenium WROV        © Rovarch

AUXROV System                        © Rovarch

Danish ROV Support VVessel M/V Freja - 2016

                         M/V Freja.    © Odyssey Marine Exploration

                         M/V Freja.   © Odyssey Marine Exploration

                         M/V Freja   © Odyssey Marine Exploration

                    Work class ROV.   © Odyssey Marine Exploration

                        Salvage grab tool.   © Odyssey Marine Exploration

M/V Odyssey Explorer my second home 2003-2016

                         Just after a refit in Hull    © Odyssey Marine Exploration

                         Rovarch commissioned art work    © Rovarch

One January in Canary Wharf, London       © Odyssey Marine Exploration

Zeus ROV      © Odyssey Marine Exploration

At sea                                                   © Graham Ferguson

Zeus ROV      © Odyssey Marine Exploration

Environmental sampling            © Odyssey Marine Exploration

Documenting a cannon  HMS Victory 1744 © Odyssey Marine Exploration

Other vessels, ROVs and submersibles I have worked on/with

Phoenix Remora II ROV           © Rovarch

M/V  Flying Enterprise, Limassol, Cyprus        © Rovarch

Sub-Atlantic Comanche ROV     © Rovarch

M/V John Lethbridge                                               © Rovarch

M/V Ocean Alert                 © Odyssey Marine Exploration

R/V Velero IV                                     © Rovarch

M/V Lespoir                                    © Odyssey Marine Exploration

Aquarius Semi-submersible and Nuytco Deepworker 2000              © Rovarch

R/V Odyssey                             © Odyssey Marine Exploration

R/V Seaward Johnson                        © Odyssey Marine Exploration

Cunard passenger ship, M/V Caronia                     © Rovarch

R/V Minbex                                © Comex

Clio ROV                     © Odyssey Marine Exploration

Johnson-Sea-Link 1 Submersible                    © Odyssey Marine Exploration

M/V Polo Pony                                 © Odyssey Marine Exploration

Comex Acillies ROV                                 © Comex

 I was a Watch officer, Sail Training Association schooner, Malcolm Miller      © Rovarch

Fort William Underwater Centre, Hyball ROV                               © Rovarch

Fort William Underwater Centre, Hydra ROV  © Rovarch


Monitoring erosion to medieval slipway, St Andrews harbour     © Rovarch

Deep ocean water samples from the North Atlantic   © Odyssey Marine Exploration

River Tay rail bridge shipwreck                                     © Rovarch

Vertical photomosaic Fleet Air Arm jet Sea Hawk         © Odyssey Marine Exploration

Fleet Air Arm, Fairey Firefly             © Odyssey Marine Exploration

 Bonhomme Richard project                    © Odyssey Marine Exploration

Foundations of 11th century cathedral walls, St Andrews             © Rovarch

Recording features Crowellian warship, Duart Point, isle of Mull  

© Colin Martin

  Fairey Swordfish from HMS Ark Royal WWII   © Odyssey Marine Exploration

Archaeological Diving Unit        © Rovarch

Recording structures, Drogheda, River Boyne, Ireland                           © Rovarch

 Shipwreck  gravestone, St Andrews   © Rovarch

Cromwellian compass Duart, Mull 

© Colin Martin

Shipworker's gravestone, Fife          © Rovarch

18th century ship's bell                   © Odyssey Marine Exploration

Silver spoon                                  © Odyssey Marine Exploration

Mercury filled timer glass                © Odyssey Marine Exploration

Mallet bottle                                  © Odyssey Marine Exploration

Recording damage NW slipway, St Andrews harbour                   © Rovarch

Recording St Andrews harbour lock gates              © Rovarch

Dive platform, Drogheda, River Boyne             © Rovarch

"toilet seat" diving Firth of Forth                                 © Rovarch

Offshore survival instructor/examiner RGIT Dundee

Britian's first freefall lifeboat  training course, RGIT Dundee                © Rovarch

Harding lifeboat, 5 day Coxswain's course,  RGIT Dundee                © Rovarch

Main pier,NW Slipway damage plan and elevation St Andrews harbour © Rovarch

Recording St Andrews harbour lock gates              © Rovarch

Duart Point, isle of Mull                               © Rovarch

Tank diving to promote sport diving              © Rovarch

Totally enclosed lifeboats, RGIT Dundee                         © Rovarch

HUWET Safety diver, RGIT, Aberdeen                           © Rovarch

Semi-submersible drilling rigs and jack-ups offshore oil industry

 Aladdin drilling rig, Jebsens Drilling, 9 years on this one                © Rovarch

Sedco 711, semi-submersible, North Sea                              © Rovarch

 Accommodation jack up, AV-1, Morecambe Bay    © Rovarch

 Driving the Sedco 711 on a rig move in the North Sea          © Rovarch

23 years service HM Coastguard

 Russian ship ashore at Kinkell, St Andrews                                 © Rovarch

HM Coastguard RIB                             © Rovarch

Last firing 80mm rescue rocket, at Crail   © Rovarch

HM Coastguard RIB and land Rover                             © Rovarch

  Diver rescue winching exercise (I am the diver)                © Rovarch

  Receiving my Queen's Commendation for Bravery    © Rovarch

Coastguard patrols                                 © Rovarch

Cliff rescue exercise Isle of May        © Rovarch

Attended helicopter marshalling course, RAF Leuchars                © Rovarch

Royal Navy Reserve, HMS Camperdown, Dundee

  HMS Archer, training/patrol boat                                      © Rovarch

  HMS Helmsdale, minesweeper                                          © Rovarch

Ben Line Steamers Ltd, Edinburgh, ships that I served on

  M/V Benlawers                                                 © Rovarch

   M/V Cramond                            © Rovarch

M/V Bendearg                                                        © Rovarch

TSS City of Edinburgh                                           © Rovarch

M/V Benattow                                                        © Rovarch