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Video gallery


A selection of video and video clips that showcase me.


Neil profile


Billion Dollar Wreck Hunt, Channel 5


First screened August 2013

Neil interview with the grand-daugthter of the only survivor from the SS Gairsoppa.


Billion Dollar Wreck Hunt, Channel 5


First screened August 2013   


Ever wonder what it might be like to be a present-day sailor? Get a private tour of one of the Odyssey Explorer Odyssey's with this below-the-deck tour by Odyssey's Principal Marine Archaeologist,

Neil Cunningham Dobson.


First screened July 2013



This documentary examines Odyssey Marine Exploration's recovery of some 17 tons of silver coins and other artifacts from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. The treasure's worth is estimated at some $500 million with Spain also claiming ownership of the sunken fortune. Watch Neil's segment


Stolen Gold, Discovery Channel


First screened March 2012


This short video documents an expedition to the Black Sea that I was part of to find the Struma. The Struma had been trying to take several hundred Jewish refugees from Axis-allied Romania to Mandatory Palestine. ,On  the morning of 24 February 1941, the Soviet submarine Shch-213  torpedoed her, killing an estimated 781 refugees plus 10 crew, making it the Black Sea's largest exclusively civilian naval disaster of World War II.


The Search for the Struma


First screened 2000

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