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Marine Archaeology and Exploration

Rovarch is a pioneering marine archaeology and exploration consultancy. Based in St Andrews, Scotland, Rovarch specialises in the research, planning and execution of deep-water shipwreck archaeological and salvage projects worldwide.

Since 1996 Rovarch has provided clients nationwide and worldwide with cost-effective practical solutions and professional marine archaeological services.


Rovarch has played a key role in some of the most important and high profile shipwrecks in the world.



Rovarch has worked with a variety of clients both nationwide and worldwide.

Bow of the WWII  cargo vessel SS Gairsoppa  at 4690m  © Odyssey Marine Exploration

Bow of  WWII German submarine U-326 at 164m   © Odyssey Marine Exploration

Bow of the WWI cargo passenger ship SS Mantola at 2500m     © Odyssey Marine Exploration

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Neil Cunningham Dobson  

Director, marine archaeologist and salvor.

Neil Cunningham Dobson is a deep-water marine archaeologist and salvor with over decades of experience in the marine and offshore industries. A native of Fife, Neil lives in St Andrews the home of his seafaring ancestors. He has worked on hundreds of shipwreck sites and supervised archaeological and salvage work on many high-profile projects in the oceans of the world. SS Republic, SS Central America, the Black Swan, SS Gairsoppa, HMS Victory 1744 to name but a few. Neil is gifted with the unique ability to make science, history, and archaeology understandable, interesting, and fun. His shipwrecks and discoveries attract world-wide attention. Neil's work continues to be popular with all types of media and TV.  Neil presents at conferences, industry organisation, universities and local groups. 

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