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Rovarch’s professional marine background coupled with its marine archaeological credentials and experience makes Rovarch unique. Neil and Rovarch have the ability to relate equally well to industry, media, university, college and student. As such Rovarch is able to offer a wide range of services:

© Al Reid

  • Deep-water marine archaeology

  • Research

  • Archaeological evaluation

  • Desk-based assessments

  • Watching briefs

  • Underwater excavations

  • Lecturing

  • Presentations - Guest lecturing/speaker

  • Media/TV/Film 

  • Offshore marine safety and survival training 


Rovarch focuses on its clients' needs and requirements, providing professional, cost effective, industry standard services.

© Odyssey Marine Exploration


To provide and maintain a high standard of marine archaeological, exploration and salvage consultancy services.

To continue pioneering in the field of deep-water archaeology.


Continue promoting archaeology and my discoveries through TV/film, media and writing.

To share with the world the story revealed by the arteficts and remains of the shipwrecks investigated and to spread the message of the significance of deep-water exploration and the importance of marine archaeology in understanding our maritime past.


Recording underwater © Colin Martin

Diver Neil.JPG

Standby Diver © Rovarch

P4050090 (Large).JPG

Structure drawing.  © Rovarch


Intertidal recording  © Rovarch

_IGP9211 (Large).jpg

Structure recording  © Al Reid

Operating side scan  © Rovarch

IMG_7185 (Large).JPG

Directing salvage operations. © Rovarch


Chemical testing and  sampling   © Odyssey Marine Exploration


Artifact  recording 

© Odyssey Marine Exploration


The Fairmont Hotel, St Andrews has kindly organised a guided walk with Neil Cunningham Dobson, a marine archaeologist who has conducted deep water shipwreck research and excavations in just about every sea there is – as one of only a handful of scientists globally with this sort of expertise, Neil was a walking lexicon, able to explain and elaborate on Scotland’s remarkable topography, flora, fauna, and of course the archaeological wonders hidden right beneath our feet. It was a privilege to have access to this level of insight, which is usually reserved for the camera crews and fellow scientists Neil works with and advise. Another memory made in this wonderful corner of Scotland.

Steffen Michels, Travel Writer

As for things to do away from golf and sunset G&Ts, the Fife Coastal Path is the obvious draw, passing yards from the clubhouse. New this year, the hotel offers guided walks to St Andrews with the local marine archaeologist Neil Dobson, a mine of information about the volcanic remains below the cliffs, including the bonkers Rock and Spindle stack. It is a cracking two-hour wander, worth the £12 per adult alone for the tales of Neil’s day job, searching for sunken bounty on wrecks around the world.

Jeremy Lazell Times newspaper travel writer

I’m a photographer and content creator based in and around Fife, Scotland. I followed Neil Dobson, a real-life ‘treasure hunter’ and marine archaeologist as he took me along the route towards St Andrews, where he shared some of his extraordinary stories, as well as providing me with an extensive history of the geological formation of the coastline. Neil is easily one of the most interesting people I have ever met. He is a born storyteller.  I would definitely recommend going on a walk with Neil, it won’t disappoint.

Julia Caira, Photographer and content creator

"Neil is a dedicated marine archaeologist who builds our archaeological project plans to maximize the capabilities of the ROV to conduct the highest standard of archaeological exploration and recovery on marine sites".

Tom Dettweiler, Senior Project Manager, Odyssey Marine Exploration

"I have known and worked with Neil for a number of years on several sensitive and high profile expeditions. He brings a level of dedication, zeal, knowledge and intuitiveness rarely matched, especially in deep ocean archaeology. His wide range of practical maritime knowledge, earned through years of experience in various maritime industries, gives him a unique ability to foresee challenges and problems that may be encountered and to provide solutions based on the ‘big picture”. I found his advice invaluable when making critical decisions during our usually high profile projects. His inherent Scottish wit and natural presence before cameras, or during lectures, allow him to captivate his audience with his passion for sharing what he has learned. Neil is the consummate professional, and a close friend, I am greatly looking forward to the time when we will again be able to work together".

Mark Martin, Ex-Project Manager, Odyssey Marine Exploration

"I have had the privilege and joy of working with Neil for over eleven years on virtually all but one of the projects he was assigned to at Odyssey Marine during that time. His knowledge and professionalism are truly stunning and his desire to garner the most out of each expedition is unquestioned. The analytical skills that he has acquired over the years are second to none and he uses these in his writing, presentations, screen appearances and with his colleagues. 


Neil is passionate about his work and is very generous in sharing his vast knowledge.  He is also a gifted writer, articulate public speaker and has a charming and an endearing screen presence."

Kathy Evans, former Senior Researcher, Odyssey Marine Exploration

"I had the pleasure to work with Neil on several projects for Odyssey's Shipwreck & Treasure traveling exhibition. He is a dedicated and talented archeologist who combines a delightful verve with his love and respect for the events and people who came before. He has that rare talent to make history come alive and he is clearly an expert on his subject. Neil was a delight to work with-and was always generous with his vast knowledge and his time. He most certainly enhanced the guest experience on all of the Odyssey projects and never lost sight of the true meaning of his work".

Nancy Sutton Scott, Co-owner Tradewinds Tile & Stone

"Neil represents the ultimate in wit and professionalism. I can honestly say there are few people I've met that have been more capable at their job... or more entertaining performing the difficult rigors of their job. If you have the chance, run, don't walk, to meet Neil. He's well worth it........"

Brendan Goeckel, Producer, Brendan Goeckel LLC

"Neil is possibly the most dedicated scientist I have ever worked with. His commitment, energy, attention to detail and passion for his work are truly remarkable. Whether it's undersea archaeology, safety and operations planning or working in front of a television camera, Neil's professionalism and joie de vivre are as first-rate as they are infectious. It's a pleasure and a privilege to work with him".

Bill Gardner, Senior Director, Programming at Public Broadcasting Service

"Neil is a world-class marine archaeologist with first-rate communications skills. He's also a natural television presenter as well as a thorough and diligent scientist".

Jason Williams, President, J.W.M Productions

"I worked with Neil Cunningham Dobson over the course of three years, and it was something I always looked forward to. For the Discovery Channel series, "Treasure Quest," he was the star of the show. He is perhaps the most engaging on-and-off-camera scientific expert I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I can remember first meeting him on a show for the History Channel called, "Digging for the Truth." We were doing an episode on pirates in the Mediterranean and ran into a jam. Neil gave us an immediate solution, and before we knew it, we were diving off the English Channel with Neil showing us the way. In short, Neil saved the show. On "Treasure Quest", he was the main attraction. Our source for story and humor. Most importantly, Neil has the unique ability to make the science, history and archeology understandable, interesting, and fun".

Neil Gelinas, Senior Producer, Editor and Cameraman, National Geographic

"I have had the pleasure of working with Neil on several high profile 'expeditions'. His enthusiasm and passion are highly contagious and his professionalism is second to none. A true gentleman, I would work with Neil again in a heartbeat and thoroughly recommend him to anyone considering his talents".

Sean Carswell, Owner/DoP Base Films

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