Neil is an excellent communicator with an outgoing personality and the ability to relate equally well to industry, media, university, college and student. Neil has the unique ability to make the science, history and archaeology understandable, interesting, and fun.

Deep-water shipwreck investigations attract word-wide media attention and Neil has been the subject of many articles in newspapers, journals and TV shows all over the world. This exposure allows him to spread the message of the significance of deep-water exploration and the importance of marine archaeology in understanding our maritime past. Neil has starred in documentaries for National Geographic, History Channel, PBS, Channel 5, BBC, 12-part Discovery Channel show and recently contributed to an episode of Drain The Oceans.



My media and publications CVs are available on request.

Dive on the SS Republic in a manned sub with Lisa Ling for a National Geographic show.


I have written various academic papers on my discoveries and written chapters for various books. Here are some examples:


Many books have been written about the projects I have worked on and I have written various chapters for them. Here are some examples:

TV Shows

I have starred in many TV documentaries about my involvement in high-profile shipwrecks. Here are some examples:


The world press regularly follow the shipwreck projects I am involved in with some quirky headlines. My work and career are also the subject of magazine articles. Here are some examples: